Welcome to the land of WTF.

I’m attempting to keep a blog of my life in a new city. Not far from my old, mind, but enough differences to make notable exceptions. Fair warning, I’m really bad about remembering to update.  Really important fair warning.

I also cuss, a fair amount, even though I’m an English major. I’m not writing an academic paper, so who cares, right? Speaking of which, I just finished my B.A., so I’m pretty much employable full-time now. (Bueller? Bueller?) I’m not bashful, ashamed, or conservative. I’m pretty open-minded and liberal on almost everything.

I’m a feminist. Straight out the gate. If you don’t like that, the x on top of the screen would be your golden ticket out of hell. I’m also a food fiend. I love to eat, cook, and experiment. So there maybe some of my personal recipes cropping up here and there. (Not now since I’ve just made about 3 weeks worth of meals in the freezer.)

What else? I’m looking at grad school over in Germany, so I’m absorbing every bit of information I can. I’m a journalist, too. It’s not a word I use lightly about myself, either. I’m quite picky about the word use since I rate Walter Cronkite far above the celebrity journalism that’s churned out daily. Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the updates, so long as it’s the celebrities saying it.

Anything else? Who the hell knows. I’m getting ready for my fiance, so I’m a tiny bit scattered at the moment. Feel free to talk in the comments or email me (jessicahannan007[at]gmail[dot]com).


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Owner of Wild Pantheon Press, Clever Girl, and Research Queen Productions. Working on rewriting human interest from global to local. Diabetic Dystopia shows the progress of surviving and learning how to handle Type 1 diabetes.

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