Elsa doesn’t live here and no reindeer hostages were harmed

Bless you, Georgia Power!

Last night around 12:30, my power went out after flicking for a good 6 hours. Stayed out until 9:30 this morning. I was briefly amused when it flickered on at 8, then fell away. Didn’t trust my luck so I went back to sleep when the power came back. Keeping warm just to make sure I was gonna stay warm.

Living in the south, you think it won’t get cold. That’s a lie. It does.

February 16, 2015 storm
Weather at 7:48am today.

We missed the snow in this area, thankfully, but the weather is just now above freezing. Icicles are falling off power lines and houses, but hanging onto the trees. It’s been a strange Tuesday to start.

Also never realize how important little space heaters are until they no longer work.

Right now, my neighbor’s cat is enjoying sharing my bed since it’s cold inside and outside my house. He’s an outdoor that she’s trying to turn into an indoor when she moves out of this area so I watch the little guy occasionally. Now he’s finally gonna rest and go back to sleep after a lot of meowing at me to let him back out.

Living in a working class neighborhood all my life, this is normal. You look after each other’s important life elements when they run errands. Be it pets, kids, or even a broken down car for sale. You help each other out.

For now, it’s cold and I’m going to curl up under my covers again. My rented house is drafty and with cold temps, the inside drops quite a bit, too. And I’ll enjoy my day curled up with a cat on my bed-the first time in a long time that I’ve been able to do that.

Maybe the kitten I’m taming will let me curl up with her before spring. I hope she made it through this okay. I’ll find out later, I’m sure. She enjoys meat, so I give her a tiny portion of mine whenever I’m making food. I set some aside for her yesterday, just in case. She’s always down for some yummy treats.


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