Unsolicited Marriage Advice from an American Expat: Be a Good Listener and Your German Spouse Will Thank You

Advice on how to stay married. Pretty solid, really. Especially as the usual ranter in the scenario. Just listen because the answer is already known. You just need to chime in occasionally and let know you’re still present.

Oh God, My Wife Is German.

ear-diagram-drawing-offenes-Ohr-german “What’s that you say, dear? I’m having trouble hearing you over all this dysfunction.” — Image Credit: Sue Clark (https://www.flickr.com/photos/perpetualplum/) — Subject to CC 2.0 Copyright.

My German wife and I have only been married since 2012, so I’m not an expert or anything, but being a good listener seems to be a pretty important part of marriage. That is, if you want to stay married, I mean. If you’d rather catapult yourself through a sudden divorce, go ahead and let your eyes glaze over whenever your spouse starts talking to you. Hold your thumb down on the TV remote, steadily increasing the volume until the sound of her voice is drowned out entirely. You’ll be on your own in no time.

But being a good listener doesn’t necessarily mean you have to actually do anything. In fact, the less you do while your spouse is talking, the better. When…

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A New Authorization of Use of Military Force

“Rather than creating conditions conducive to the spread of even more inhumane brutality, we must work for peaceful solutions whenever possible and seek with others to end hostilities expeditiously, rather than letting then fester indefinitely as has been done of late.”

Pretty thought-provoking analysis on the breakdown of the federal government and the lack of ideological communication. A change in responsibility tactic is necessary in the current era. We’re not in post-WWII anymore, nor are we isolated. The world is truly global with instant chatter and the internet hides little. Transparency and responsibility are key when attempting to act as a leader among nations.

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Recently, President Obama presented Congress with a proposed new Authorization of Use of Military Force (AUMF) for military action against ISIS. Actions taken to date in this war have fallen loosely under the broad authorization granted by Congress in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01, which has been used to cover the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. A new authorization is long overdue, as is a more limited scope of operations than was been permitted under the original document, which has been open-ended enough to permit the longest continuous military engagement in the history of the United States.

Constitutionally, Congress is given the responsibility of Declaring War, the conduct of which is overseen by the President in his role of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Congress has increasingly neglected its duties in this regard since its last official Declaration of War at the US entrance into World War…

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Suicidal Student Kicked Out Of Dorm Because He Might Negatively Impact Other Students

This is so damn important as a person suffering with depression…and diabetes. I try to never use my diabetes as a crutch, even less with my depression, but it’s a scary void. A void I melted into just this weekend. And I was even luckier that my alma mater never tossed me away like a piece of trash. Just…read this. It’s very important.

The Belle Jar

TW: talk of suicide

Imagine this: a student living in a university residence contacts his Residence Life don. He has fallen and injured himself, and there is blood everywhere. He is afraid he might die. He needs help.

Surely in this scenario the don would seek immediate assistance for the student. They would bring him to a clinic or perhaps a hospital. Once the student had recovered, they would welcome him back to residence – maybe even put up a banner or throw a little party.

Certainly the student would not be asked to leave the residence.

Yet recently when a similar situation happened at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the student in question, Blake Robert, was told to pack his bags and get out.

The difference is that in the real-life version of this story, Robert wasn’t physically sick or injured. Instead, he was depressed and struggling with suicidal ideation. After reaching out to…

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